Hansen Organic - Nebraska Grown Alfalfa


About our product

Alfalfa Hay

Our alfalfa hay is an excellent source of protein, the amino acid lysine, and calcium; all of which benefit the young growing horse, the athletic performing horse, and the lactating mare. These horses benefit most from an alfalfa to alfalfa/grass diet.

Organically Grown

Our alfalfa is grown on the acres we are transitioning toward USDA Organic Certification. Our seed is non-GMO, certified organic. The 2nd cutting of 2018 hay was tested by Columbia Food Laboratories for glyphosate with none detected.
Click here for test results.

Our fields are registered on FieldWatch/Driftwatch. Please also know that while we are watching new life flourish above the ground, the same is happening below the surface, in the soil, as renewed life is resulting from our sustainable ag practices. All to enhance this vividly green, aromatic, leafy legume that your horses love to eat.


Lab Testing

Each cutting of hay will be tested for general feed quality.


You pick up:

$10/bale, minimum 50 bales

We deliver:

$15/bale, minimum 100 bales*

*Additional delivery charge based on mileage from Ames, NE

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